10 Lessons learnt by … inexperienced motorbike passenger!

Distance covered: over 3000km
Islands visited: 6
Number of flat tires: 5!!!
Ferry crossings: 7
Max journey length: 10h (yes your butt hurts!)

Experiences and views from the road!

1. CHICKENS are a life threat. They are the only animal with such a profound death wish!!!

2. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON if a bug, a bee, a dragon fly etc. crashes into your forehead or anywhere on your face or body really… At the end of the day a motorcycle crash will hurt more… Or at least you will avoid getting yelled at 🙂

3. Indonesian KIDS can change tyres better and quicker than you for sure.

4. Leaning into corners becomes second nature after 1000 km 🙂

5. Be aware : depending on speed giving HIGH FIVES when in motion can hurt…

6. The NO RULES TRAFFIC RULE works … and surprisingly there is less traffic jams than in Europe!

7. Almost EVERYTHING CAN  BE CARRIED ON A MOTORBIKE. We saw: livestock-> goats, pigs, chickens, fighting cocks, dogs in front and on passenger seat, 5 person family + dog, eggs, ice cream, small shops and restaurants, spare engines, crops and many more … Anything goes really 🙂

8. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: half of the road literally missing (landslide – happened few times), truck parked in the middle of a road, perfect road changing into dirt road, sand pile and a brick in front of it used as a warning … etc.

9. People will be shocked to see “bule” travelling local style and SAY HELLO MR all the time regardless of your sex and even when you are driving in torrential rain and fighting for your life on slippery slope.

10. After initial wariness you do ENJOY THE FREEDOM motorbike gives and maybe have a slight desire to get one yourself … :DDD


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