Our trip around the world.

After leaving London for Hong Kong in April we set out for our trip around the world on June 27th. We don’t have a trip plan that is set in stone although it crystalizes with every day. We think we are going to be travelling for about a year – a year and a half. It may be few months less or more depending the budget, transportation arrangements we make during the trip and our general mood.

The general trip plan is to see most of Asia this year and go to South America between February and April 2015. We may do a stopover in Africa, or cross the Atlantic by air from Turkey or Spain. From America we hope to catch a boat to cross the Pacific and head to New Zealand which will be one of our last stops before returning home. This would be a full loop around the world.

Check out our interactive map below. When you hover(short tap in mobile version) on the collared areas you will see more information. We are still working on it and you should be able to click on specific countries to go to more specific map of a country so you could dig deeper into our plans. A short map legend that will help you navigate is coming soon as well.

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Please check back for updates shortly. We are still working on this site and you can expect more detailed information on our plans shortly. Also remember to visit our blog to check out our travel journal.