Cambodia – The Khmer Empire

Follow the trails of Angkor empire that ruled Southeast Asia for 500 years between 9th and 14th century. Great temples of Angkor Wat and architecture of the city of Angkor Thom are a must see when you visit Cambodia.


Reminder of grand history

Khmer architecture has its roots in that of Indian subcontinent yet it evolved its own features that made it unique. Khmer culture during raise and rule of Angkor had a significant influence on the whole region. We encourage you to go further down the Khmer trail to one of empires capitols Koh Ker. There you will be able to enjoy true Escape the Crowds experience.

Real Tomb Raider Experience

Take walks in deserted temples partially overtaken by the jungle where majority of visitors are birds taking a refuge in it’s shelter. Travel up north from this site to visit more amazing landmarks of Khmer Empire up to Preah Vihear temple over which Cambodia is in Dispute with Thailand. You can experience some of the recent turbulent history of Cambodia when visiting Anlong Veng place of death of Pol Pot the leader of infamous Khmer Rouge regime. If that side of country’s history is of interest to you we propose visiting with the charity that we work with to aid countries landmine victims and demining operations in the country.

Countryside – great experience!

Cambodian experience is not only about the country’s history. It is about it’s landscape of never ending rice fields and dense forests. It’s people although impacted by difficult events that took place during last quarter of the 20th century are friendly and cheerful. The food, although has similar characteristics to the food of the region is less spicy and smooth to the tongue. Visiting pagodas and villages away from main tourist attractions will allow you to experience true spirit of this once great nation.

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